Fukushima Aspirin

fukushima-aspirin-_3_2011-08-05_01-10-22Wine label for wine tasting event.


Golden Hands 1

a video series about crafty hands that have serve a lifetime.

Golden Hands 2

a video series about crafty hands that have serve a lifetime.

Neuromuscular Massage Therapy(ホームページリニューアル / Homepage Renewal)

Hiroko Yanagida website design. Dual Language, wordpress.

Kumi Inoue Book (2)

Designed cover for book of Kumi Inoue (version 2)


DSM Claristar Product Launch

ヤン・ペーター・バルケネンデ(Dr. Jan Peter BALKENENDEDSM)オランダ首相によるDSM新製品「Claristar(クラリスター)」の発表。

Product launch of Claristar by the Dutch Prime Minister: Jan Peter BALKENENDE on the 26 of October 2009 at about 16:00. DSM asked YR-Design to create banner of Deshima and to create an old style laboratory. The laboratory was symbolizing the old technology and was placed on one side of the stage and on the other side of the stage a vessel of glass and with a pipet the Claristar was added to the waiting wine. Before that the Prime Minister pulled a big handle and the lights, noise and the voltmeters on the noise box were put to sleep. It all took place in the Maple room at the Okura Hotel in Tokyo.

400 Years Trade Holland Japan (日蘭通商関係400周年記念)

Video created for gala event at Roppongi Hills Club in Tokyo

for the 5 minutes video shown at the event click here

for the 12 minutes DVD click here

for  a short movie of the event itself click here