押出ポリスチレン(XPS) Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS)

XPSは、ポリスチレンと不燃性のフッ素化塩素化炭化水素(FCKW)より製造される。特に、Wedi Building社のXPSは、100%耐水性、結露防止性、耐圧縮性が大きいので、普通より高度に設計される空間に使われる。XPSは、曲げ弾性率が高 く、耐久性があるため、断熱材として使用される。切断行程において、粉塵の発生は少ない。

XPS is made using polystyrene granulate and an FCKW free blowing agent which helps injecting the foam into a block form creating a naturally dense and closed cell consistency of the finish material. XPS backer boards like Wedi building panel are 100% waterproof, water vapor retarding and so dense that they can be used on heavy duty floors. They provide excellent flexural and breaking strength allowing for a solid wall backer board installation.


  • - 厚さ: 20-100mm
    - 幅 : 600/900/1200mm
    - 圧縮強度: >= 250 Kpa
    - 熱伝導率: <= 0.03W/(mk)(25C)
    - 吸水性: <= 1.00%
    - 吸湿性: <= 0.3


  • - thickness: 20-100mm
    - width      : 600/900/1200mm
    - compressive strength: >= 250 Kpa
    - thermal conductivity: <= 0.03W/(mk)(25C)
    - water absorbability: <= 1.00%
    - moisture permeability: <= 0.3
- 大変優れた断熱材(オランダの家の例では電球の使用だけで暖房器具の必要なし)
- Lotusanを表面に施す場合は特に長期的に性能保持
- 軽量
- 取り扱い易い / 切断の際に切れ目がきれい。
- Very good isolation (house build in Holland can be heated with a light bulb)
- long lasting specially if coated with Lotusan
- Light weight
- Easy handling / makes clean cuts when sawed.
- If simple construction is used no frame is needed.

多摩川岸における浮かぶ家/Floating Test House in Tamagawa Banks


Today in Japan, the number of damages caused by floods is increasing probably due to global warming. Japanese government also considers this fact as critical situation and starts organizing an expert panel on large-scale flood control measures.