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25 Years in Japan

Created book for 25 years Japan of Willem Remmelink. Content by Isabel van Daalen. Realization technically YR-DESIGN.


Neuromuscular Massage Therapy(ホームページリニューアル / Homepage Renewal)

Hiroko Yanagida website design. Dual Language, wordpress.

Kumi Inoue Book (2)

Designed cover for book of Kumi Inoue (version 2)


Kumi Inoue Book (1)

Designed cover for book of Kumi Inoue (version 1)


Run for the Cure Foundation (RFTC) (ホームページサポート / Homepage Support)

YR-design keeps the Runforthecure website running better.


Homepage of Crimson Phoenix(ホームページ新規制作 / Homepage Creation)

Homepage of Crimson Phoenix. Create with Yuuichiro Nakajima.


Warming Neutral Foundation

Created a business card design for Warming Neutral Foundation.

German Institute for Japanese Studies(ホームページリニューアル / Homepage Renewal)

German Institute for Japanese Studies


new interface and layout for the website of DIJ.

Summer Greetings 2008

Summer Greetings 2008 (夏のご挨拶)
Fireworks 2008 Tokyo (東京の花火)

NCCJ マグ/mug

NCCJ Original Mug Cup Design